Water Damage to your home or business

Old siding - caused long term damage inside the walls included mold

Old siding – caused long term damage inside the walls included mold

Water can be a very destructive force to your home or business. It wrecks furniture, clothes, walls, insulation, flooring, on and on. Small leaks for extended periods of time can cause supporting structures to rot, beams to sag, and with the right conditions mold to grow and mold doesn’t need much for it to take hold. Mold can become a worrisome and dangerous health hazard. Many people don’t even realize when they are sick that it could be mold hidden in your walls or under the kitchen cabinet sink. When you notice water or a leak it is best and highly recommended to get it taken care of immediately.  You want an experienced team to ensure everything is dried right.

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So we dread water damage and it can become an unhealthy living situation, but what are ways that it happens……  The list is endless but we will run down some examples.

  • ·       Leaky dishwashers – valves wear out, water line gets damaged, connection lets loose
  • ·       Roof leaks –  hail damage, wind damage, improper roofing job, quick fixes etc
  • ·       Foundation cracks
  • ·       Flooding – water runs at the house, water table goes up from too much rain, etc
  • ·       Snow melting or frost build up – during the coldest months of winter frost can collect on the underside of your roof and when it gets warm it melts creating water damage that is hard to find if you don’t know what to look for.
  • ·       Plumbing leaks – toilets, sinks, dishwashers, washers, pipes, etc
  • ·       Kids – leaving the tub running and it overflows J

With all of these it is best to get it dried and taken care of right away. Most water damage not caused by flooding is covered under your home insurance policy, but it is always best to call them and make sure you know your coverages.

Fire damage from a lightening strike - Minneapolis Minnesota Twin Cities

water damage from the fire being put out- Minneapolis Minnesota Twin Cities

Types/Categories of water damage

Category 1 – refers to clean water, or water that does not pose a threat to humans. Possible causes of this type of damage include broken appliances or sink overflows. this is the easiest to clean up – once dried it poses not additional risks. Remember it can still cause mold if not dried properly.

Category 2 -water is also called gray water. This means that the water is contaminated and may cause sickness of ingested. This type of water contains microorganisms. Broken toilets, broken sump pumps, and seepage.

Category 3 – water is known as black water. This type of water is unsanitary, as it contains bacteria and other organisms that cause sickness. Sewage is the main concern here.

Classes of water damage

Class I – this is the easiest to clean up – once dried it poses not additional risks. Remember it can still cause mold if not dried properly.

Class II – Has a fast evaporation rate, carpets, cushions, rugs, etc may have damage. This class of damage is very common

Class III – has the fastest rate of evaporation. In this case, the water may come from broken sprinklers or other overhead sources, soaking the walls and furniture.

Class IIII – requires special water restoration and water removal procedures. This type of damage may affect hardwood floors, plaster, and concrete.

Rebuilding/Restoration Process

This really does start with a good clean -up process. Once dried our team comes in and evaluates the damage and repairs that are needed. A separate estimate of repairs is done by your adjuster (if claiming it though insurance). These are then compared and changes are made to ensure your damage is repaired to “preexisting condition”. This part of the process can take a week or longer depending on the size of the loss. 1 out of ten can take a month or longer but these are large loss jobs. Remember it is best to get the right scope and estimate done upfront then to hurry thru this part. It is important to us that your house gets rebuilt like it never happened.

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