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Mold is the result of flooding, roof leaks, sewage backups, damp basements, plumbing leaks, wet sink overflows, high humidity, and neglected dryer vents. Basically, it occurs anywhere moisture may fuel it.

For some homeowners, mold is a recurring problem. It keeps coming back, no matter what they do. Even if you wipe it away or apply bleach, mold spores may still be present. The mold is going to grow back. Only a professional mold remediation contractor can ensure mold does not come back.

The Problem with Mold

Different types of mold exist in our everyday lives, and many cause little or no harm. But some forms of mold can be very harmful if not remediated. To determine how harmful mold is, each type is placed into a class. Those classes include:

  • Hazard Class A – This class of harmful molds can become toxic and put people at risk for infections. If found in your home, these molds must be removed immediately. Some forms of gray, brown, yellow, green, white, and black molds reside in this category.
  • Hazard Class B – These molds tend to cause allergic reactions. The longer a person is exposed, the more likely an allergic reaction is to occur. Molds in this category can be green, brown, gray, white, black, or blue.
  • Hazard Class C – These molds are not typically hazardous to your health. But class C molds can cause structural damage, so they destroy whatever they are growing on. These molds can be blue, green, white, green, brown, gray, or black.

It is hard to tell one type of mold from another based on color. Even if a mold is not hazardous to your health, it may be one that is harmful to whatever it is growing on. This means you need the intervention of an Elk River mold remediation professional as soon as possible.

Elk River, MN Mold Remediation

It is best to not try and address mold issues on your own. Wiping dry mold can result in the spores becoming airborne, causing a health risk. Before mold is ever cleaned, you need to remediate the reason there is mold present in the first place. If moisture is a problem within your home, dehumidifiers can help. So can good ventilation.

For sheet rock and carpets with mold, it is best for the materials be removed and replaced so the mold problem doesn’t return. Attics to Basements Building & Renovations will tell you what the best course of action is so you and your family can remain healthy.

Mold can cause many problems, which is why you need to have it addressed as soon as possible. Mold can lead to health problems that can last a lifetime. The sooner it is eliminated from your environment, the better your health is going to be. To have the mold issue in your home taken care of as soon as possible, call us at 763-439-2513 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate and consultation. From there, we will take care of the mold problem as soon as possible.

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