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Water damage to your home or business can be extremely frustrating. Toilet leak, storm water, pipe bursting on and on these things happen to 1000’s of homeowners a day. Most people don’t know what to do….. Call Insurance company? Clean it yourself? Call a Restoration Contractor? Here are a few things to keep in mind……

Waiting isn’t an option. The biggest mistake most people make is waiting too long to get the area dry. Smaller leaks can be done yourself if you know what you are doing. It only takes 24 hours for Mold/Bacteria to start growing in your house, we don’t need to tell you all the health problems that can cause. The longer you wait the more expensive and extensive the clean up can become.

Using the right equipment helps insure a proper clean up. Soaking up the water is one thing but drying the area takes powerful fans and commercial dehumidifiers to ensure the area is dried fast and to industry standards. In most cases, it takes the professional guidance and skill of a water damage cleanup specialist to know the best methods to dry out the property and ensure that mold and mildew will not grow.

Finally cleaning the area with the right cleaners will help prevent mold and bacteria from making your family sick.  It is important to use the correct chemicals for the situation.  All of this will make the repair and replacement piece a better experience.