Maple Grove Minnesota fire damage

What should one expect after a fire or other insurance loss?

  1. First thing – is health and welfare….. Hopefully everyone and all your pets have made it out safely.
  2. Temporary housing – depending on the amount of damage the insurance company and or us can help you find a hotel for the short term, once damage has been accessed, the insurance company will find you a place to stay while the project is being worked on.
  3. We find this next step vital to the rebuild process. This depending on the adjuster assigned to the claim can go fairly quick or can take awhile. This is getting a complete list of damage and repairs needed.  This is important because if a complete list is done and approved the project wont start and stop waiting for approval from the insurance company. It is important that the finishes and quality remains the same as what you had before and our bids to the insurance company help them and you get your home back!
  4. The rebuild – once the first three are done this is the easier piece – we put it back together with our trained, licensed, and certified team.

Since we specialize in home remodeling and restoration we use the same people for our $50,000 kitchen remodels as we do your insurance claim. Please visit our home remodeling page for some of our other work at

You can also call us at 763-439-2513 for any questions on this