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House fires can be deadly. Here are the TOP 7 Reasons they happen.

Cooking –

This is the #1 cause of fires in homes. 42% of home fire happen in the kitchen.  Unsupervised cooking can cause a small flame up into an uncontrollable situation. Always keep an close watch when cooking.

Christmas Trees –

We all love the fresh smell of a Christmas tree around the holidays, but when trees get too dry they catch fire really easy. So turn off your XMAS lights when leaving the house or going to bed or buy a artificial tree.


Smoking Leads to house fires, which leads to almost 1,000 deaths a year.  Go outside to smoke or try to break the habit.

Candles –

Over 18,000 house fires are the result of candles being left alone in the house. We almost also have candles burning near flammable materials. blow the candles out and don’t leave them unattended.

Appliances, Heaters, Children Playing with Fire –

Wood stoves, space heaters, on and on, fires can happen from a wide variety of things but most can be prevented with a review of our homes twice a year. cleaning out dryer vents, checking cords for breaks, teaching our kids about fire safety. Make sure your fire detectors are in working order and they are on every level of the home. Playing with matches, lighters, and candles led to 56,300 fires between 2005 and 2009.

Although house fires happen and fire restoration is our job, we want everyone to get out safely, including your pets if a fire does occur. Proper planning and prevention can lead to eliminating the risk or preventing it from taking the people in your life that insurance cant replace