Minneapolis Storm Damage & Rebuilding

Storm damage can be small and it can also be rather significant. No matter the magnitude of the damage, Attics to Basements is your leading Minneapolis storm damage restoration and rebuilding experts. Unfortunately, storm damage doesn’t stop at blowing away siding or roofing shingles. Tornadoes and storms with high winds have been known to tear walls away from structures and this means that the damaged areas will need to be restored and destroyed areas will need to be rebuilt.

Storm Damage Restoration Minneapolis & St Paul

There are many elements that go into a storm. Sometimes they are all present and other times only some of these elements are present. They include:

  • Wind that blows away shingles and siding –  This can cause water to infiltrate the home since the shingles and the siding are made for water to roll off of. Wind can lead to tree limbs or other debris blowing into and breaking windows. High winds, especially at the speeds associated with tornadoes, can blows down the walls of a structure or even blow roofs completely off of the structure. This means a degree of rebuilding will need to be done.
  • Hail that can tear away at siding –  Hail can also puncture holes through roofs and this leads to water damage to the attic that can further infiltrate the home over time. Hail has also been known to break windows.
  • Lightning can strike a structure or nearby object and cause a fire.
  • Rain can come down heavily and cause streams to swell. Water may also accumulate on the property and enter the basement or the first floor of the home.

Basically, you are looking at several possible forms of damage. All forms can be very destructive and require experts to address the damage immediately.

Repair And Rebuilding

When we repair something, we fix it and we make it look as close to its original appearance as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when something may not look exactly the same as it used to once it is restored, but we can still make it look like nothing ever happened. The good news is that we have great success with restoring items back to their original beauty.

Inthe case that fire destroyed a part of the structure or part of it was blown down by wind, we can rebuild. You don’t have to consider your home a total loss if part of it has been destroyed. We can rebuild it to be even better than it was prior to its destruction. We can also make sure it is strong so that it can hold up in future storms, especially high winds.

Minnesota Storm Damage Repair & Rebuilding

When you have sustained storm damage, we can take care of the repair and any rebuilding that needs to be done. When we are finished, you won’t be able to tell that anything ever happened. All you have to do is call us at 763-439-2513 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate and consultation. We will evaluate the damage, tell you what needs to be done, help you deal with the insurance company, and then begin restoring your home to where it is completely livable again.