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Just as a fire can destroy everything in its path, smoke can do the same. It can make everything you own smell bad, leave residue, and change the appearance of many of the items within the structure. It is rather surprising that it is that destructive. It is so destructive, in fact, that it is estimated that between 50% and 80% of the deaths that occur in fires have to do with inhaling the smoke. If not done right you will smell the smoke damage for years to come, especially when it gets humid.Twin Cities Smoke damage

Burns can and do occur, but sometimes contact with the fire itself can be avoided. Unfortunately, smoke cannot be avoided, even if you do manage to crawl on the floor to get under it. Eventually, the room can be so filled with it that there is no escape. Inhalation of this smoke means inhaling small heated particles that are mixed with a number of gasses that are the result of combustion.

Effects Of Smoke

Smoke is very destructive in that it can change the color of fabric, change the color of pictures, cause metal to rust, and stain wood. So many components of the structure and the contents within can be changed by smoke. If there are individuals within the structure, the smoke can be a bigger threat than the fire itself.

After the fire, a call to a Minneapolis smoke damage restoration company can minimize the damage that is done by smoke. Smoke damage has its own unique characteristics and this can make fire restoration complicated. Fortunately, we have the tools and the knowledge to perform restoration tasks the right way. And the more immediate the treatment, the fewer the health hazards and the easier the cleanup is so that everyone involved wins.

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Our Cleaning Procedures

Our cleaning procedures are non-destructive, so you don’t have to worry about the items to be restored being damaged. You should know, however, that it is possible that the appearance of some items could change depending upon the extent of the smoke damage. It is common for items to deteriorate to some degree, so what we do is restore them to the best condition possible. Just because they may not look the same does not mean that they cannot look great and be functional.

Smoke Damage Restoration Minneapolis & St Paul

Don’t wait too long after the fire before giving us a call. The longer you wait, the more hazardous the damage becomes to the health of all that come into contact with it. Plus, we will have more success restoring everything so that it is as close to its original appearance as possible. All you have to do is schedule a free estimate and consultation with us by calling 763-439-2513 or filling out the contact form on our page so that we can take the first steps toward getting you back to life as you know it.

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