Gas Explosion

A gas explosion is a very frightening event because it can be very destructive and is very dangerous. Not only is the explosion itself devastating, but the fire that results can add to the damage that has been done. This event can make it very easy to consider the structure a complete loss when it may not be.

Gas explosions can destroy not just one area of the structure, but the explosion can also cause damage to other areas not directly affected. Debris tends to fly and fire can spread. This means the damage can be very sporadic. You will need the expertise of a Minneapolis fire damage restoration company that is experienced with the scattered damage created by gas explosions.

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Fire Damage Restoration Minneapolis & St Paul

Of course, you will need to have fire damage addressed. The damage may only be confined to one area or it may be scattered. No matter what, the property needs to be secured as well as possible. Shattered windows need to be boarded up and the cleanup process needs to begin.

Once the fire department says it is safe to enter the property, we will secure windows and any doorways. We will also begin cleaning up debris and soot. This will help us determine what needs to be restored and what areas have to be rebuilt.


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If fire has damaged it, we will take care of it. We are amongst the most versatile fire damage restoration contractors in Minnesota.

Smooth Rebuilding Processes

We have rebuilt destroyed areas of homes to look just like, if not better, than before. Sometimes, homeowners will take the opportunity to turn their home into the home they always wanted it to be, or they may decide to have the damaged area rebuilt to the way it once was. No matter what, we have a smooth process that is fast.

The process begins once we have eliminated all signs of the gas explosion. Rebuilding can be somewhat more complex than building a structure from scratch because it involves making sure the existing structure is added onto without leaving any cracks, seams, or areas that are not level. Basically, the foundation has to be exactly the same height, the same material, and the end result has to appear as if that area of the structure was never missing.

Minnesota Gas Explosion & Rebuilding Experts

If you have experienced a gas explosion and are wondering what your next step should be, give us a call. Of course, you want to inform your insurance company first, but we can secure the property for you and give you a free estimate and consultation that you can use in your insurance claim. You can also learn what we can do for you in regards to restoring and rebuilding the property. All you have to do is call us 24/7 at 763-439-2513 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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