Minneapolis Flooding & Cleanup Restoration

Flooding can be devastating to your home. Water can threaten its overall structure, starting with the flooring and walls. The water can then progress to the interior of the walls and can seep deep into the flooring, weakening the building structure. The damage can then total in the tens of thousands of dollars and the insurance company could give you problems when covering the damage.

As for the causes of flooding, they can be many. Appliances can leak, pipes burst, streams near the home can overflow, and storms with heavy downpours may occur. No one expects their home to flood, but can be stressful when it does. Fortunately, you have a Minneapolis water damage restoration expert that you can contact today in order to relieve your stress. You are presented with friendly service that addresses the flooding and any damage that it may cause.

Address Flooding Immediately

When thinking about flood damage, you can easily compare your home to a cardboard box, although the materials your home is made out of are much stronger and expensive compared to cardboard. The effects of the water, however, can begin to break down the affected areas of your home if not addressed immediately. Think of how contact with the smallest amount of water can make a cardboard box wrinkle. When that box is submerged into water, it suddenly becomes limp and useless. Over time, the box begins to fall apart. The same thing can happen to your home – prolonged exposure can cause it to fall apart.

We provide 24/7 emergency services. That means if flooding strikes in the middle of the night, you can call us and we can begin immediate work to remove the water. Any restoration services that may be needed can be addressed after the water is removed and the damage is assessed. The most important steps are making sure the water is removed quickly and that the mess left behind is cleaned up.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

We are experienced in dealing with the insurance companies. We know that many times they will try to pay you the lowest amount of money possible. Fortunately, our estimate can help you secure the amount of money that you need to take care of the repairs. Going ahead and taking the initial amount offered by the insurance company can mean that you would be left with a lot of repairs not addressed and this can severely compromise the integrity of your home.

Nevertheless, you will need to have the flood waters removed and any debris cleaned up before you ever receive money from the insurance company. The claims process will take a while, but the water cannot sit and wait without causing extreme damage. In this case, you will want to talk to the insurance company about reimbursing you for emergency services. You will need to refer to your insurance policy first, but most policies will allow for reimbursement when you have the proper paperwork showing that you paid for the services. However, it is possible to be paid in advance. Most individuals opt for the insurance company to pay them in advance based upon our estimate because many homeowners do not have the cash sitting in the bank.

Minnesota Flooding And Cleanup Experts

You do not have to try to address flooding issues on your own. It can be very messy, frustrating, and poses a number of health hazards. We have the safety equipment, the flood removal equipment, and everything needed to make sure your home is dried out, cleaned, and mold growth prevented or addressed. We are available 24/7 at 763-439-2513. After emergency flood water removal and cleanup, we can give you a free estimate and consultation for a better idea of the scope and cost of the remaining work that needs to be done. That way you can begin enjoying life in your home again very soon.