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There are a number of reasons why you would need to have windows on your home boarded up. Any time you are dealing with broken windows, you have an emergency on your hands. First, you don’t want any rain to come through the windows and damage carpet or furniture; second, you don’t want to lose any warm or cool air; and third, you don’t want anyone unlawfully entering the property. It isn’t just the windows and doors that need to be secured and protected from the elements. Tarping off and boarding up any areas of the property to prevent further damage is the responsibility of the homeowner to perform or have hired done.

As for why you would need to board up, there are many reasons. Fire and storm damage that can break windows are two of those reasons. Even an act such as vandalism that results in window breakage warrants a window to be boarded up. No matter what, you can’t leave a broken window open whether you are on the property to keep an eye on it or not.

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Board Up On Your Own Or Use A Service?

Some individuals may wonder why they need a board ups service. Sure, there may be a few boards on hand that will fit over the broken windows. However, the key is ensuring it is done right so that rainwater will not infiltrate the boards and leak into the home. Such water leaks can lead to even more damage. This damage can then lead to costs that are more expensive than just having a board ups service take care of it for you immediately.

A professional Minneapolis board ups service knows how to board up a window by using the right materials. Board ups are necessary as an emergency service because the outside coming in could be destructive. Not only does boarding up mean keeping moisture outside where it belongs, but also means keeping insects and animals outside.

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Risks Of Not Boarding Up

Aside from keeping insects and animals outside, you also want to keep intruders out. Unfortunately, there are individuals that will see a home or business with a broken window and they will use the opportunity to steal what they can. Even if the windows are boarded up, they will look for boards that they can remove quickly without being noticed.

So if you were to not board up or board up correctly, these are the risks that are being taken:

  • Bugs can come into the structure
  • Animals can crawl through the windows
  • Intruders may take the fact the windows are not boarded as an invitation
  • Rain can blow in or water can leak in through the space
  • Debris from the outside can come in
  • Cool air or heat escapes

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Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the weather, to insects and animals, or to other people. You need to have your windows boarded up until you are ready for them to be replaced. To have your windows boarded up as soon as possible, call 24/7 at 763-439-2513. We can also take care of your window replacement. Call us or fill out our contact form and schedule your free estimate and consultation. We are there for you the moment you need us because damage to your home cannot wait.

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